Don’t let old electronic devices go to the landfill!

Complex electronics can contain traces up to 60 elements, many of them highly toxic in even the smallest amounts. These elements can include:

  • Heavy metals
  • Radioactive materials
  • Atmospheric hazards

Estimates in the United States say that 70% of the heavy metals in landfills originated with discarded electronics. These can include:

Cadmium • Antimony • Chromium • Palladium • Mercury • Lead • Americium

… as well as other potentially harmful substances such as PCBs and BFRs.

From the landfills, these minute elements can migrate into the water table, into soils, and then into the food chain. Some components also contain gases that can be harmful if they’re released into the atmosphere.

If these elements are collected and recycled properly along with recyclable metals and plastics, we also reduce the use of non-renewable resources mined from the earth or processed from oil.

Like other recycling programs, eZcycle leads to lower energy costs and a smaller environmental footprint for the goods we use every day.

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